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After a busy half term we have finally built some Anglo-Saxon houses- photos will follow. In the next half term we will add light to the houses using our science topic of electricity. We will also be visiting Sutton Hoo- details will be with you very soon.


keep up the work on the timetables and basic number bonds on Speedy Maths, the Vikings are beating us !!

We have spent the day experimenting to see whether we can prevent the snowmen from melting.


We covered them in foil, polystyrene, felt, bubble wrap and blue towel to see which one preserved the snowmen the longest.  Watch as the experiment went on through the day.

Melting snowmen

Melting snowmen 1
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
In an attempt to be like the Chinese children at Maths we are trying to improve our basic number facts and speed of knowledge. We have already got quicker in class!
We have had a mini sweet factory in class today- deafening noise from the machines, the wonderful sweet aroma of peppermint and a kaleidoscope of colour in the sweet garden. Take a look.

Sweet garden

Sweet garden 1
Some videos to help with 3 X and 6 x facts

Welcome to Normans!


Welcome to the Norman class. We have an exciting term ahead with lots of work and fun planned. please check back here for updates and news.


Starting next week, a PRESENTATION award will be given each week to the child with the best presented work. This is a real focus at the moment, as we have changed to writing with pens the work is not looking as good as it was and it is making it very difficult to mark! I am sure the children are doing brilliantly , but I sometimes just cannot find it! Please talk about handwriting and neatness when you are looking at homework and watch this space for the weekly winners.

Thank you for your support

Well done smiley


So far we have had 6 winners of the presentation award.

             Zach, Isaac (twice), Khloe, Abi, Liam and Phoebe

Their work will appear here soon as examples of what we are expecting to see in every piece of work.


Great work- keep it up.



My Maths - a task has been set for you. If you cannot access it for any reason, please speak to Mrs Stocker. I can arrange for new passwords or time during school to complete this task.