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Welcome to Aztecs!

Phonics help


The web links below demonstrate the correct way to say each phonic sound.


How to say the sounds


Jolly phonics videos


tricky words songs

Set 1

Set 2


If you have any queries feel free to talk to us. 

Tapestry Online Learning Journeys

We use Tapestry online learning journeys to capture moments when the children have learnt new things and are able to share these moments with you using Tapestry. We will soon be sending out e-mails to new parents which will allow you to log on to Tapestry. Once in you will be able to comment on any of the pictures and add things that your child does at home such as free writing, maths, problem solving or outside activities such as swimming.

Please come and see Mrs Fernandes if you are having trouble accessing Tapestry.