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Cross Country

In Cross Country club we often run round to Jubilee Park,at lunchtime, if not we stay on the school field. During the club we do a mixture of long distance running and short, sprint races. We each have our own individual goals that we would like to reach within the period of the club and despite the fact they all vary, the aim is to achieve them in your own time and push yourself at your own pace.

Despite though cold weather, the cross country runners enjoyed some races and a rewarding run around the field.


A cross country tournament took place at Hollesley Primary School on Wednesday 8th March; here

 is our team photo:

Picture 1

The afternoon started off with some very nervous children, however from practicing on Friday lunchtimes the course was well within every one of our runner's capabilities. The year 3/4 runners ran 1.15km ( 3 laps of the course) - our year 5/6 runners ran 4 laps which added up to 1.54km. Everybody who we took did themselves extremely proud and ran their own race at their own pace, some even challenging for those top places - despite the fact roughly 40 people ran in each race. A special mention for: Rees (who came 6th) and  Mekhi (who came 7th)  in their race; and Stanley who ran a great race to come 3rd! More results will follow...