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The current membership in line with the scheme of delegation received from the trust.


Locality Committee Members

There are 10 positions, 7 are filled and there are 3 vacancies.


Co-opted locality committee members 

                                                         Term of office:    from              to

Benjamin Bappu                                                 01/02/2015       10/02/2019                                       

Chris Ray                                                           17/11/2016        16/11/2020


Head of Academy

Kevin Speirs


Parent locality committee members (No vacancies)             

Val Barnett (Chair)                                               08/06/2020    07/06/2024           

Robert Battle                                                        5/09/2016     14/09/2020

David Farrow  (Vice Chair)                                    08/06/2020    07/06/2024

Matthew Loughton                                               30/10/2019    30/10/2023 


Staff locality committee members (No vacancies)

Karen Howard                                                    15/02/2019     14/02/2023

Roles and Responsibilities 


Compliance Locality Committee Member - Karen Howard 

Safeguarding - David Farrow

SEND & Vulnerable Groups (including Pupil Premium) - 

Health & Safety - Chris Ray

Link Locality Committee Member - Karen Howard 

Chair of Finance and Resources Committee  - Ben Bappu 

Chair of Standards and Excellence Committee- David Farrow