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We have trained FIRST AIDERS on our team so it will be FIRST AID that can be offered but, as with most schools, we won't have a medically qualified member of staff.


We obviously want your children to be safe and secure but by exploring and playing we will have the inevitable accidents along the way and, although we request that you don't send your child in if they're not feeling well we also understand sometimes children go down with 'lurgies' during the day.


We request that you keep them home from school please for 48hours after the last bout of vomiting or diarrhoea as this bug can spread quickly around school, especially in the younger years.


In the case of an emergency where we are unable to contact the parent/carer a senior member of
staff will take the appropriate action, if necessary in consultation with medical experts.


It is  therefore, VITAL that we have up to date phone numbers for you and perhaps another relative/friend who could pick up during the day if necessary. We have a booklet for you to fill in at the beginning of every year but please help us by telling us straight away if these contact details change. We will be as much a comfort to an ill little person as we can but there's nothing like your family to really put that right when you're just not well.

If children need to finish a course of medication when coming back to school we would ask that you come in to do this yourself – normally in the natural break of lunchtime.



If your child needs an inhaler or has an acute allergy we will ask that you regularly fill in a form to share this information and we would obviously then want him/her to keep their inhalers and epipens in school for easy access.


This same form will be used to share any other details of medical conditions. If your child requires long term medication or has a chronic medical condition please come and chat with us so we have the best chance to do our best for your child and you and your family.