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Flower festival lovelies

Flower festival lovelies 1

Butterfly release!

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Mrs Reed and Mrs Drackford released the Nursery butterflies today - 5 beautiful painted ladies flew off in the sunshine!

Beautiful butterfly dancing

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Carol singing

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A beautiful sound! We have been practicing for the School Carol Concert

Our magical musical corner

Our magical musical corner 1
Here is JP adding the final touches to our magical musical corner which was our gift from FORS. He has created a beautiful sign on a piece of wood which was cut by Mrs Reed's son in Scotland. Thank You JP and FORS for creating a special place for us to make music!

music making in Friday Forest Frolics

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These are two of our youngest children and they're exploring sounds made by wooden percussion. Great listening! When they change instruments, Bella can't quite get the caterpillar rattle to sound but look at how Silas tries to support her so sympathetically!

Storytelling 2

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Charlie W also shared his story telling skills in the playhouse


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Charlie R chose to share his stories in the playhouse

Welcome to Nursery!


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Here at Rendlesham Primary School, we have a 26 place Nursery class, which is open every day during term-time  We provide a whole range of exciting learning opportunities within each session: cookery, sculpture, finger painting, role play and PE, to name but a few.

We opened in September 2006 along with the rest of our lovely School and were able to create a purpose-built Nursery environment, both indoors and outside. Our spacious classroom with it's beautiful and age-appropriate Community Playthings furniture creates a calm background against which children engage excitedly with each other and with the carefully-planned learning activities. Outdoors, there is plenty of space to run, to hide, to make music, to dig and to grow flowers and vegetables. Our children enjoy being able to free-flow between the outside and indoor spaces according to their needs and interests, no matter what the weather brings - we splash in the puddles when it rains and make snow-castles when it snows.

We plan regular Nursery trips throughout the year, such as to Rendlesham forest, Baylham Rare Breeds or Ipswich Museum and have recently travelled to Lowestoft by train for a day at the seaside. We take part in the Whole School Activities - Sports' Day, Nativity plays, Class Assemblies and other special curriculum events throughout the year. We make good use of our wonderful School Library, taking books home each week to share with families and help develop a love of reading. Parents are invited to participate in a range of social gatherings - Nursery Rhyme-time, Popcorn parties, Easter parades and so forth but are also aways welcome to come into Nursery at any time to find out what their children have been learning.


The Nursery is staffed by Mrs Zoe Drackford, our Early Years Teacher and Miss Amy Adams, an experienced Teaching Assistant. Parents and carers are encouraged to share their skills and talents with us and many become regular and much - appreciated class helpers. The recent School Ofsted reports that "In the Nursery children make good, often outstanding progress" and that " the Nursery is outstanding. Home visits, good links with the local children's centre and effective communication with families make sure that children's needs and interests are clearly understood on entry. Tasks set for the children are adapted accordingly".

Our aims are to provide an environment where young children can learn through
• enquiry
• exchange
• encounter
• expression
..............and have lots of fun and laughter along their learning journeys!

 If you would like to find out more please contact the School on 01394 462190 or email to arrange a visit - we'd love to see you.

Spider Rhyme

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Our wonderful new Nursery Mud Kitchen built by J.P.

Our wonderful new Nursery Mud Kitchen built by J.P. 1

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