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 At Rendlesham Primary School we offer a range of sport clubs: some during some lunch times and some out of school hours.


Keep up to date and see live updates from tournaments on our twitter account:


Feel free to suggest other sports clubs, of your interest, to your teacher.

Sports For Champions


On Wednesday 17th January we were very lucky to be visited by Commonwealth Games triple jump silver medallist Laura Samuel. In the weeks leading up to the event, the children were presented with an assembly on what was going to happen. The visit included a fitness circuit made up of four exercises: spotty dogs, leg drives, push ups and star jumps; and an inspirational assembly. The children were asked if they would like to gather sponsorship for the fitness circuit that was going to take place. The sponsorship was split between Laura and the school – Laura’s share going towards her training and equipment that will hopefully allow her to progress on to taking part in the Olympic Games! The money that the school received is going to be put towards something exciting for the children to make use of at play times! It’s safe to say that the children smashed it with the sponsorship money and blew any expectations out of the water. A massive thank you to those who were sponsored and to those that did sponsor. Hopefully the afternoon has inspired some of you to work hard and chase your dreams!

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