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My Name is: Mrs Jo Reed

Description: I am a Nursery teacher and a Phase Leader.

I have been teaching for 29 years!! I can't quite believe it!! I began in Reception and taught up to Year 2 before specialising in Early Years Education, starting my own Private Nursery School and then working with Suffolk County Council's Early Years Support Team. I was privileged in 2001 to take an Early Childhood Education qualification at University of Cambridge and have been thoroughly and very happily immersed in teaching Early Years Foundation Stage ever since. I have been at Rendlesham Primary School from it's opening 11 years ago and love our sense of community! I am mother to two wonderful young men and a cat, Soxy, whose behaviour I would best describe as "challenging". I love to sing, to dance, to go for long walks on the beach and to take my VW campervan on exciting trips around Suffolk and Norfolk.


My Name is: Mrs Zoe Drackford

Description: I am a Nursery and Early Years teacher

I completed my degree in Early Years in 2007 and have been working with children within the Early Years Foundation Stage ever since. I joined Rendlesham in 2017 and teach nursery alongside Mrs. Reed. I also teach the Aztecs alongside Mrs. Fernandes for a day and a half per week. Outside school I have a son and we enjoy going out together on days out. We can often be found at the park or the beach, whatever the weather! 



My Name is: Mrs Hazel Fernandes

Description: I am a Reception teacher, I teach the Aztecs with Mrs Cook

I have been in teaching since I graduated from Roehampton University at the age of 21. I started off teaching in KS1 but found my passion for teaching in Early Years when my oldest child turned four. I have been teaching this age range for a few years now and really enjoy it. It keeps me young and there is always something new and messy to explore! At home I have three kids of my own and a lot of pets. I enjoy swimming and jumping on the trampoline with my husband and kids. I have recently learnt how to ski and enjoy visiting the slopes each year to check I can still do it! 


My Name is: Mrs Francesca Stowe

Description: I am a Reception teacher, I teach the Aztecs with Mrs Fernandes and Mrs Cook.

I qualified from University and started my teaching career here at Rendlesham in 2008.  Since starting here, I have had the privilege of watching the school grow.  I have worked in a variety of Year groups across Key stage one and Early Years over the years and I am now very pleased to be back to my roots of teaching in the Early Years.


My Name is: Mrs Kirsty Cook

Description: I am a Reception teacher I teach the Aztecs with Mrs Fernandes 

Hi my name is Mrs Kirsty Cook and I am currently a teacher in Aztecs. I have been teaching for too many years to disclose but I am still as enthusiastic as when I first started although not quite as energetic! When I am not busy teaching your children, I am a mother to 2 girls who demand a lot of my time running them to various clubs. When I do have my own free time, I enjoy pilates, ballet barre, swimming and on Sunday morning walking a friend's dogs on Dunwich Cliffs followed by a nice cream tea. 


Years 1 and 2


My Name is: Mrs Hannah Woodruffe

Description: I am a Year 1 / 2 teacher,  I teach the Greeks class with Mrs. Howard. I am the Literacy Coordinator and a senior leader too. 

I have been teaching since 2002 and in 2006 was excited to become a teacher at Rendlesham. I have loved it so much I am still here!  Over the last ten years (while coming and going on maternity leave three times) I have had the experience of teaching all year groups, however I do enjoy teaching in Key Stage 1.  As I live in the village, Besse, Elsie and Ted all attend the Primary School.  As a family we enjoy cinema trips, playing on the beach or in the forest and taking numerous trips to the park.  When I have a moment to myself, I like to keep fit. I enjoy kickboxing and I can often be seen running and cycling around the village.


My Name is: Mrs Karen Howard

Description: I am a Year 1 /2 teacher, I teach the Greeks class with Mrs Woodruffe. I am also the staff governor.

I graduated from King Alfreds, Winchester in 2004 and since then have worked at East Bergholt Primary School and in 2008 I began working at Rendlesham. I absolutely love it here and feel very much part of the community as I both live and work here. I have experience in all year groups but I love teaching Key Stage One.  After growing up just down the road  in Eyke, I knew that I wanted to bring my family up in this area too. We now have two daughters who both attend the school, As a family we love to spend time being as active as possible and meeting up with lots of friends.


My Name is: Miss Brown

Description:  I am a teacher in Nursery and Key Stage 1

This is my sixth year teaching at Rendlesham Primary School and I am pleased to be working with the KS1 team again.  I graduated from Cambridge University with my full teaching qualification after achieving a BA(Hons) in English Literature and Language at University Campus Suffolk, following many years working in a variety of support roles in primary education.  I am passionate about the holistic, personal and academic development of children and feel privileged that, while they are in school, it is my job to help and guide them to taking the early steps along the path to becoming fully rounded young people.




My Name is: Miss Darcy Gleeson

Description: I am a year 1 / 2 teacher, I teach the Celts Class

I have recently qualified as a primary school teacher and after completing some of my training at the school, I am really excited to have my very own first class at Rendlesham!  Following gaining my degree in Education and Drama studies from Bath Spa University, I moved back to Ipswich to complete my teacher training. I love teaching which is creative and practical, which inspires and engages children and of course I love teaching through drama. In my spare time I like spending time with friends and family, trying yummy food and visiting new places.




My Name is: Mr Ben Gooding

Description: I am a Year 1 / 2 Teacher,  I teach the Incas class.



Years 3 and 4


My Name is: Mr Alex Bevens

Description: I am a Year 3 / 4 teacher, I teach the Romans Class

 I am going into my sixth year at Rendlesham, and my first as a classroom teacher.  After a great couple of years, I went off to study my degree in Sports Science.  My passion, as many people know, is sport, pretty much any sport that I can be competitive in!  Outside of school I am heavily involved in Judo and football; playing, coaching and jobs behind the scenes.


My Name is: Mr Tom Hardy

Description: I am a Year 3/4 teacher, I teach the Normans Class

After three years of living in Lancaster and teaching in the Lake District, I am really happy to be a part of the team at Rendlesham.  My favourite subject to teach is PE because I am very sporty and understand its importance for children’s health and well-being. As well as this, I enjoy discovering and providing stimuli for the children to inspire creative writing. I love my rewarding job and always try to make all lessons as fun as possible. My spare time is usually spent in the cinema, in Nando’s or kicking a football about. 


My Name is: Mrs Andrea Berry

Description: I am a Year 3/4 teacher, I teach the Mayans Class and a Phase Leader.

I started working with children when I left school at 16 and initially trained as a Nursery Nurse.  Shortly after this, I trained to become a teacher at Goldsmith University in London.  This year, I have had the privilege of working with children for 30 years working in London, Sussex and Suffolk.  I am also a qualified SENCO and have been fortunate to teach all ages up to Year 6.  I love my job and it is a passion that continues to grow with every passing year.


Years 5 and 6


My Name is: Mr Joel Vaughan

Description: I am a Year 5/6 teacher, I teach the Saxons Class

.I have been at teacher for 9 years and have taught both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. My favourite subjects to teach are Maths and ICT; because I love problem solving and gadgets.  Outside of school I have a black labrador who takes me on long walks in my local park. Last year I became a father for the first time so I am learning quickly how to be a parent!  



My Name is: Mr Simon Roper

Description: I am a Year 5/6 teacher, I teach the Trojans Class. I am also a Senior Leader and a Phase Leader.

My life has been a simple tale of putting one foot in front of the other.  I was raised by arctic badgers until the age of four. Fortunately, I was found by a friendly polar bear called Taloo.  He was friendly mainly because his teeth and claws had fallen out many years earlier and I was able to catch fish for him with my own diminishing milk teeth.  Taloo looked after me like the fur-less son he had never had.  He even taught me to read and eventually write and speak the language of the toothless bear which basically involves slobbery growls and standing on hind legs, which it turns out I was rather good at.  The years in between are a hazy mess of wild conjecture and long forgotten memories that may or may not be true but I couldn't possibly comment on.  All I really remember is being replaced as a rubber tester by a new-fangled robot computer called Bob and thinking perhaps I should become a teacher.  So I did.  I rather enjoy it!


My Name is: Danielle Shipp

Description: I am the Year 5/6 teacher, very much enjoying teaching the Vikings.

Previously I have worked at Needham Market Middle School, nurseries with under 5’s and helped at other primary schools. When I left university I knew I wanted to work with children, no two days are ever the same! Out of school I enjoy spending time in my garden, and at my parent’s beach hut. I have a cat called Henry, who is a Sphynx.




My Name is: Mrs Debbie Scurrell

Description:  I am the SENDCO teacher.

When I counted up the years, I was amazed to realise I have worked in education for 26 years.  I began as a parent helper, then as a teaching assistant before qualifying as a teacher through SCITT and eventually becoming the Head Teacher of a small primary school.  My passion has always been to help children to be the best that they can be and for the past year it has been my privilege to work with small groups of children at Rendlesham.  I am delighted to be in post from September 2018 as SENDCO.  Out of school time, I am a wife, mother, mother-in-law and Grandma and a member of Woodbridge Quay Church, so any spare moments are filled with fun and precious time spent with family and friends.



Intervention Teacher

My name is: Mrs Amanda Magotte

I am pleased to be working as an Intervention Teacher at Rendlesham Primary School.

Supply Teacher

My name is: Mrs Jo Maghoo. 

I am a qualified teacher and I work at Rendlesham Primary School teaching Literacy. I am in school every morning and I work with small groups of children in all year groups.  I have returned to teaching in Suffolk after 9 years of living and teaching in Australia. I love to travel and have spent a lot of time backpacking around the world and collecting interesting artefacts and photographs which I love to share with the children. I use these as a way of firing up their imaginations and inspiring them to write.