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Welcome to the Trojans' page.




Welcome to our very own page devoted to everything Trojanian.


Listed below are the Spellings for each week.  Dojo points will be awarded to those who have undertaken the task or tasks.  The half term curriculum letter has also been included that contains the spicy, hot and extra hot homework.


Consequently this page is regularly updated with homework and other essential messages.


                               Good News!                             

Everyday reading now counts towards the Homework Dojo points!

Everyday reading now gets a dojo point with a possible seven available 

for the week.  This does not need to be heard, you just need some verbal 

proof of their reading before you sign their passport 

e.g. "What happened in the story?" "Who are the main characters?"


Mild and Spicy Homework due every Thursday.

Hot and Extra Hot due Thursday 24th May.

Summer Term letter and Homework

Summer 2nd half term chilli challenges

Spelling Homework - Last of the year - Due 12.7.18 (Thursday)