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We are really proud of our uniform and school colours. We think it's a really lovely logo and it's very special because it was designed by one of our former pupils – Hannah Page.

The School colours are EMERALD GREEN and NAVY




Everyday Wear

Sweatshirt/ cardigan with school logo Emerald Green – available from school

Trousers/skirts/shorts/pinafore dresses Navy

All pupils are allowed to wear trousers

Polo shirts with school logo Navy or plain white or plain navy - available from school

Dresses Green and white


Footwear: Children should wear sensible black school shoes NO TRAINERS or HEELS

Plain navy or white  socks please


Jewellery and Hair

We do not feel it is appropriate for children to wear jewellery for school (watches are allowed) It can cause accidents or can be easily lost. Children with pierced ears are allowed to wear small PLAIN stud earrings only. These need to be removed by the child themselves before s/he takes part in any physical activity and put in a safe place so the child themselves is responsible for them, or bring in tape and cover them up. 

Please note that staff are not permitted to remove earrings from children or to provide tape and tape earrings.


HANDY TIP: If children wish to have their ears pierced, the best time is to do it is the start of the summer holidays. They will then be able to keep them in for the required period of time and practise taking them out ready for school too.


All pupils with hair that is at least shoulder length, must wear their hair tied back at all times. Hair accessories must me small and appropriate  for school, and should not be a fashion accessory but should be purely functional. This is for safety and hygiene reasons. 

Parents are politely reminded that their child's hair style  should  be appropriate for the primary school environment. Whilst we respect individual style and creativity, we ask that any colours or shavings be reserved for holiday periods only. 


Clothing for Physical Education

P.E. Kit should be in a named bag and be in school everyday.

T shirt: PLAIN white OR navy OR navy with school logo (available from school).

T shirts must be worn tucked into shorts.

Shorts: PLAIN black or navy.

Jogging bottoms and top/tracksuit-dark colour please (don't worry about matching as long as it's warm for colder months as we DO go outside even at this point.)

Footwear: Every child must have a change of footwear for P.E.

                Trainers are essential for outdoor PE 

Swimming - One-piece costume/trunks, towel and hat.

A change of socks would be preferable; this would ensure your child's comfort in both the warm and cold/rainy months.



Uniform is available to order online direct from Brigade Clothing via the following link Brigade Uniform. Enter the school name and select from the drop down list provided. delivery is £2.95 and free for orders over £50.


Navy school trousers, skirts and summer dresses can be purchased at most high street supermarkets and clothing stores.