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This year we are celebrating our 10th anniversary and what better way to start than with the opening of four brand new classrooms.

Rendlesham School is just beginning a new phase in its relatively short history. We have experienced a huge period of change both structurally and physically and now have a lovely new Early Years area for our Reception children. As a result of the building works we have made many changes to our playground including a new sand pit and climbing trail; we  are also  eagerly awaiting the opening of our new all-weather playground,

Our children continue to be extremely empathetic and eager learners. They are very engaged with

our broad curriculum and regularly enjoy extending their own learning and researching at home. We offer a wide range of clubs which vary every term; these enhance all aspects of the curriculum for example Performing Arts club, Futsal, Film club, Art club, Hockey, Rugby, Tennis, Code club, Science, Eco club, Bible club and so many more.

Our staff pride themselves in making learning enjoyable and challenging as well as providing interesting themes to motivate and engage learners. The children’s learning behaviour is excellent and children as young as year 1 are able to verbalise how important it is to be challenged in class and can explain their reasoning and thought processes. The older children act as wonderful ambassadors for our younger children, modelling good manners, supporting them in their play and aiding transition into school; as well as taking on many roles and responsibilities across the school- you may speak to them if you call during lunch time as our year 6 children cover the office duties while staff have their lunch!

We pride ourselves on working closely with parents providing support on many levels. Our support groups remain flexible to the children’s individual needs and evolve with their learning. We encourage our parents to share any concerns but also to share what they really like about the school. Our parent’s forum meet monthly and provide a key link between the voice of the parent and the school’s vision.

As our school continues to grow we look forward to continuing to excite and enthuse learners of all backgrounds, welcoming diversity and positivity from all who join us.



Rendlesham Primary school was built in 2006 and sits in the heart of a growing community. The school has developed steadily over the years and has recently said a fond and emotional farewell to the first class of pupils who began their education in our reception class seven years ago.

We are very proud of the pupils in our school. They regularly prove themselves to be considerate, polite, empathetic young people who have a thirst for knowledge and creativity. Our children are frequently praised for their team spirit and positive attitude and we believe that they consistently demonstrate our school values.


Rendlesham Primary school has a very supportive network of parents and governors who frequently help in the classrooms and around school. We also share our school with Rendlesham’s Children Centre, with whom we also have a very close relationship. We all work together to provide the best possible care and education for the children.


We believe that children learn when they are enjoying themselves and are safe, staff at Rendlesham are committed to safeguarding and to ensuring that the curriculum they deliver is  creative and meaningful. Our timetable allows us to focus daily on basic skills, offers daily teaching of core subjects which we believe are the building blocks for all curriculum areas. We are committed to raising standards and work as a team to ensure that the needs of all our pupils are met fully. We are a fully inclusive school and pride ourselves not only in meeting the requirements of children with special educational needs but also in the value we place on what we can learn from each other.


As our school continues to grow we look forward to continuing to excite and enthuse learners of all backgrounds, welcoming diversity and positivity from all who join us.


Headteacher : Mrs Debbie Thomas