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Rendlesham Primary School

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Check out what's been going on at Rendlesham Primary School!

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  • It's a Big Foot Mystery!

    Published 16/05/22

    Year 1 and 2 have found gigantic footprints in school this afternoon! Its a huge mystery! Who could it be?? The children have been tasked with making posters of the possible suspects. Watch this space!

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  • The Blue Tits have hatched!

    Published 13/05/22

    The Blue Tits have hatched!!

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  • Young East Anglian Artists Competition

    Published 12/05/22

    The children have been using their art lessons to take part in the Young East Anglian Artists Competition based on the theme 'The Royal Jubilee'. Here are a selection from Trojans' class where they have been looking at perspective. They have worked so hard on this we are hoping that some might make it to the exhibition!

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  • New Wall Art

    Published 10/05/22

    We are really pleased to show off our spectacular wall art around the school. The children, parents and visitors have enjoyed looking at and reading all the information they contain. 

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  • World War 2

    Published 22/10/20

    Year 3 and 4 have been learning about World War 2 as part of our conflict theme.

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