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Rendlesham Primary School


Welcome to our two Reception classes, the Aztecs and the Celts. Although we are 2 classes for registration and for drop off and collections, we operate as 1 large free flow space where the children can mix with each other both inside and outside throughout different times of the school day.

Throughout the year we follow the same topics as the rest of the school which helps to promote a more in depth approach to their learning throughout their time in Rendlesham. However, we also use the children’s interests alongside the topics to ensure our planning is engaging and meets the interests and needs of the children.

Throughout the school day, the children are provided with a wealth of opportunities to investigate and learn through independent play. This is known as continuous provision and allows the child to access a variety of resources, encouraging them to develop a wide range of different skills from learning to share with others to ordering numbers.

In Early Years we follow Development Matters and the aim is for the child to reach their Early Learning Goal (ELG) by the end of Reception.

Whilst promoting independent learning, the children will also be taught as a whole class and in small groups led by an adult. There will be daily phonics lessons where the children will be introduced to new phonemes (sounds) and apply the ones they have already learnt. There will also be daily whole class maths and literacy lessons. In groups children will look at the new concepts taught and begin to apply them in practical situations.

This is just a little snapshot of your child’s day in Reception but as you can imagine there is so much more just waiting for your child to experience!